About me -Helen Tung

I earned my bachelor's degree in Art from the Laguna College of Art and Design in 2007. Since graduation, I have committed to a career as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator

I am very happy to have chosen art as my career. I love life and love art – though life may be short, art can surpass time. Before committing to a career in art, I owned and managed an import & export company for ten years. Because of my experiences, I have a deep understanding of my clients' needs and love to use my talent, knowledge, and logical thinking to help them reach their goals. I also have a great passion for learning, and continue to improve my skills through personal reading and taking classes to keep my knowledge current and updated.

I respect the harmony in all of life. Outside of art, I also take care of my family: husband, a daughter, a son, and a beautiful cat. In my spare time, I enjoy playing badminton with my friends. During spring season, I help manage Irvine Valley College’s women's badminton team. I love the kids there. They are smart, hard working, and friendly to each other. Often, I find that they become the inspiration of my creations.